Air Conditioner Repair

In the summer months or in warm climates in the USA, an air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in a home or a business. People depend on their AC unit to keep their home cool and comfortable when the weather heats up outside. This can’t happen if an air conditioner is malfunctioning.

A residential air conditioner from Carrier or another brand is a complicated appliance. There are several functions and parts to be aware of and understand in order to complete a repair. For this reason, we often recommend hiring a professional appliance repair company in your city or a HVAC service to tend to the unit.

You can attempt DIY repair if you feel comfortable with the necessary tools and steps outline below. DFW HANDYMAN ONLINE has provided a list of common air conditioner issues, how to identify them and how to fix them. You can contact us with questions or reach out to a local appliance repair service near you.


Here you will find some of the standard issues that can occur on a residential AC unit:


You will feel cool air blowing from an air conditioner if all is well. If no air is blowing from the unit, you know there is a problem with the appliance. To identify the source of the issue, first inspect the air filter, the fan and the fan motor. A homeowner or amateur handyman should have no problem replacing an air filter, however, the other parts might require professional attention in order to repair or replace them.


Like we mentioned above, first and foremost, an air conditioner should blow out air. Secondly, the air should be cool. If the AC unit is blowing air but the air is warm, there is a problem. For this air conditioner repair, you will need to inspect the same parts of the appliances. This includes the air filter, fan and fan motor. Consult with an experienced appliance repairman for replacing the fan or fan motor.


The first sign of a broken appliance, including an air conditioner, is if there are loud or uncommon noises coming from the machine. This is also true of an air conditioner. You will need to troubleshoot several parts of the appliance in order to identify the source of the noise. You will want to inspect the blower wheel, fan motor and fan bearings on the machine as well as the fan assembly and motor bearings.


This will sound obvious, but most of the time, the reason an appliance or an air conditioner won’t turn on is because the machine is not plugged in or because a circuit breaker flipped. Always check these two issues first before continuing with troubleshooting. You should also inspect the condition of the power cord for frays or bends in the cord. The next place to look on an air conditioner is the control board and temperature sensor. To repair or replace these parts, enlist the services of a trained appliance repairman.


You do not want to see ice on the coils of an air conditioner. You will want to address this repair as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to the AC unit. The likely source of the problem is the temperature control, capacitor, fan or filter. A homeowner can replace a dirty filter if needed but the other parts are more complicated. If one of these air conditioning parts needs attention, hire a local service for the job.


Air conditioners should not run constantly. You do not need an AC unit to run 24/7 or if the weather outside is cool. Therefore, it is not good if the machine will not turn off. If this problem occurs, we recommend reviewing the temperature control, thermistor and control board on the air conditioner to see if there are any noticeable issues or evident damage. You can then repair or replace the damaged part or hire a professional to do so.

Should the repairs above be too complicated to complete, we recommend hiring one of the approved local appliance repair services we have listed below:

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